What to know before you go for your holidays in Tenerife ?

tenerifeTenerife is one of the best places to go on holiday for the Europeans of the north because of the nearness of the Northern Europe (only four and a flight of half an hour of the United Kingdom). The island tries unsuccessfully time, of many beaches, many activities and of the available time of passage. This article was conceived with a view to giving every person interested in on holiday in Tenerife some general information on the island.

Weather in Tenerife

If you are an adorer of the sun, then Tenerife could well be the place for you. The temperature seldom goes up above 30 in summer and underneath of 16C in winter. The annual medium temperature is of 21C and the south of the island receives an average of 6,9 the hours of the sun a day.

Climate is subtropic and made for perfect holiday that even when she is cloudy, it is still hot. The time can vary of a region because of the geological uniqueness of the island, the winds of Africa which warm up the island and the effect of cooling on the Atlantic. The South is considered as hotter in comparison with the North and receives habitually more sun, while the North is a little more cool and receives more rain. During winter months mount Teide is often covered with snow, but the ski is not possible.

Beaches in Tenerife

There are many beaches to be chosen in Tenerife, and they can find all around the island. Most beaches are constituted of the volcanic natural state black sand and some beaches have some white or yellow sand imported from Africa. You have a multitude of beaches to be chosen, but one of the most exclusive beaches in the south is the beach Del Duque. beach Del Duque thinks at the front of one of the islands most exclusive hotels it is called the Bahia del Duque. This hotel attracts many provided well clients who often understand stars and celebrities.

Nautical sports can be found on most the most popular beaches, therefore if you want, you can have one to go to throw ski, kite surfing, windsurfing, underwater diving bobsleigh, underwater diving, parried – scending and the speed of the boat. the beach of El Medano is a popular destination for the surfers and kite boarders because of strong constant winds which blow in this region.

All big beaches have rescuers and installations of first care. On some beaches, you will find helps handicapped even to help those who have a disability in the water.

Restaurants in Tenerife

People who like the food often choose to come back to Tenerife because of big number of available restaurants. You can be sure that Tenerife will answer what never the style of food which you want, and generally prepared for a high level. The main zones of holiday give a bewildering choice and a very good of restaurants which serve all tastes and budgets.



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